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Knowing the Attacker's View on your organisation is quintessential in the first step of safeguarding the information. Open Source Intelligence and Reconnaissance are the primary steps before any malicious hackers target your business.
Security Posture

Knowing the security posture in a non-invasive way is essential as it is the first step in any attacker’s mindset and the task before they try to attack the information.

Provide your company name, website, and we will do the rest. We do not disrupt any continued business operations of your organisation.

Attacker’s View

Attackers do a lot of information gathering before evaluating or prioritising the attack on your infrastructure or web apps, or mobile apps.

It is a wise way to secure the information to mitigate the risk, as we all know prevention is better than cure. Hiding the tech stack, IP address and another plethora of things will deter the attackers.

open source intelligence

We utilise 100% Open Source Intelligence to gather information to know your organisation’s tech stack, IP address, data from pastebins and all available public repositories relevant to your organisation.

We ensure you understand the context of the vulnerabilities without the false positives and following up with the remediation with your IT Team.


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