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Vulnerability Assessment

what is Vulnerability Assessment?
Analysing the Security gaps or Vulnerabilities in the entire infrastructure such as Servers, Networks, Websites and Mobile Apps and as well as Internet of Things (IoT).
of Vulnerability Assessment
Network VA
Assess the Perimeter of the Network
to know the secure architecture in the topology.
Server VA
Analysing the Vulnerabilities of the servers with the
intent to remediate.
Mobile App VA
Secure mobile apps by knowing the vulnerabilities and fixing them.
Webapp VA
Reviewing the Webapp Security by performing WebApp Vulnerability Assessment
to fill the security gaps.
Phases of
Vulnerability Assessment

Automated Vulnerability Assessment – These are the steps usually performed in the traditional Vulnerability Assessment and is very time consuming.

Discover WebSites or Systems
Filter Assets
Classify and Hierarchise
Create Scan Templates
Select Scan Type
Run On-Demand or Schedule Scans
Supervise Scan Execution
Manage Exceptions
Filter False Positives
Extract Vulnerability Data
Contextualise Historically
Follow up on Remediation
Unauthenticated VA
Analyses the Vulnerabilities without login-credentials to discover the vulnerabilities.
Authenticated VA
Analyses the Vulnerabilities with login-credentials to validate the vulnerabilities.

security gaps

Discover Vulnerabilities

Review Security Gaps

Review IT Security

Comply with GDPR norms and other Legal Regulatory and Compliance requirements.

Secure your Information.

Maintain Cyber Hygiene.

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