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what is the IOT?

IoT is emerging technology–The Internet of Things.
• The Internet of Things (IoT) is the system of physical objects—devices, vehicles, homes and different things embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity—that empowers these objects to gather and interact data
• Global 50+ billion appliances will be connected to the Internet by 2030

Internet of Things - OM

What is IoT penetration testing?

OMVAPT offers an impeccable penetration testing through our unparalleled offering of Attacker Simulated Exploitation for IoT.
It includes our security geeks arbitrating your system and devices with an adversarial mindset, thus unveiling any possible security loopholes that might lead to a security breach of your IoT device.

In most of the predicaments even though devices share similar kinds of vulnerabilities, we often dedicate our time into unprecedented forms of exploitation, and into things such as consolidating pair of minor critical vulnerabilities to succeed in a significant compromise.

Gateway Controllers

IoT Attack Methodology

Our entire team consumes among 3-4 days to perform an in-depth Attack Surface Plan of your IoT device. 

We develop an extremely accurate architecture design highlighting all the feasible approach points for an ill-disposed dedicated intruder. 

Reverse engineering the IoT firmware binaries

Encryption review and Obfuscation methods in use

3rd party libraries and SDKs

Binary reverse engineering and exploitation

Debugging binaries to obtain sensitive info 

Evaluating hardware interface protocols such as UART, SPI, I2C etc.

JTAG debugging and exploitation

Logic sniffing and bus tampering

Dumping secret information and firmware 

Proprietary information protocol reversing 

Tampering security mechanisms

Glitching and Side-Channel attacks

Security hallmarks included in the hardware 

Vulnerabilities in the web dashboard – OWASP Top – 10, OWASP Mobile Top 10, OWASP API Top 10, SANS Top 25

Mobile app security issues classification and exploitation for Android and iOS – Platform associated security issues, App was reversing, Binary instrumentation systems to gain sensitive data etc.

API based safety issues 

Cloud-based and vulnerabilities in the backend operations 

Analysis of radio communication protocols

Capturing the radio packets being sent and received

Modifying and replaying the packets for IoT device takeover attacks

Jamming based attacks

Obtaining the encryption key through numerous techniques 

Radio communication reversing for proprietary protocols 

Invading protocol-specific vulnerabilities

Exploiting IoT communication protocols such as BLE, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, zWave, LoRa etc. through insecurities and vulnerable implementations 

Ensuring that clients data storage is with the most leading standards.

Ensuring that there is no data loss such as PII through any courses – software, web, mobile, hardware or radio 

Further assessment of data-at-rest and data-at-transit 

Providing you with a PII report 

An in-depth report comprising both technical aspects, non-technical review and an executive summary 

Providing you with all the exploits and payloads, Proof of Concepts, exploitation procedures, demos or code fragments.

Categorizing the vulnerabilities based on criticality for your assigned product and user use-case synopsis

After patching the defects, we perform an in-depth reassessment to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.

We ensure that the patches did not inject any additional vulnerabilities as well.

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