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Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

what is WAS?
Web Application Security (WAS) Assessment

Whether your team size is small or medium or  large and robust, OM can help make you more efficient by automating your website application security (WAS) assessment. We are security expert developers for security professionals, our aim is to help with contextual prioritisation your organisation’s information security.

Validate the true Vulnerabilities

False positives create unnecessary headache. That’s why our automated web vulnerability assessment and management processes with the utmost precision, complements with Deep-Neural Learning techniques, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms saves you days of your time. Autonomous Vulnerability Assessment has emerged sidelining traditional vulnerability assessment apps.

Gain Visibility with contextual Reports

Quantify the current state of your organisations security posture and track risk  with comprehensive reports. OM  provides out-of-the-box executive and management reports as well as compliance reports such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, OWASP Top 10, and many others that you are looking out to solve the compliance issues.

Contextual AppSec with DevSecOps
Static, Run-Time, Dynamic and Software Composition Analysis (SCA). Authenticated and Un-Authenticated AppSec

Pricing overview

Our decades of experience in the Information Security domain has resulted the following pricing packages that are most common. We offer highly customisable offerings as well. Step in to the next generation of Autonomous Web Application Security Analysis.

Per app
Small dynamic web apps
Presentational Websites

WordPress or Drupal

Dynamic Website.

Third-party plugins

1-time Web appsec
Small and Medium Business
Per app
Small eCommerce apps
OS Commerce


1-time Re-test Web Appsec
Small and Medium Enterprise
Per app
Mid-sized CRM, ERP, HRM Web apps
Business Critical Apps
Sensitive Data of Clients
Financial Apps

Medium- sized e-banking

Payment processing systems

Per App
Multi-Role Mission Critical Apps
Business Critical Apps
PII of Clients
Business Logic Testing
Financial Apps

AppSec gaps

Continuous Web Application Security Analysis

Zero False Positives with AI and ML

Reduce 60% of Security Experts intervention

Comply with GDPR norms and other Legal Regulatory and Compliance requirements.

With a fast one or two day analysis, save weeks of time

Minimise the time-to-market for the Secure apps

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