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EndPoint Protection Penetration Testing


OMVAPT performs the comprehensive Security Controls Analysis of the EndPoint Protection.
The end-users have become a principal target for adversaries. However, the real tangible target is the end user’s workstation, and organisations would be remiss not to validate the security of their endpoints regularly. Despite companies mandating employees to complete security awareness training and contributing a meaningful portion of their security budgets on advanced endpoint security systems, assessing the security strength endpoints prevails a substantial gap.


An endpoint pen testing methodology that accounts for each step of the attack lifecycle from payload delivery to exfiltration has become essential. It is designed and performed by offensive security specialists that practice in red team security assessments. The classification of vulnerabilities and security loopholes in security controls that may have gone unnoticed will assist you in tuning detection or protective mechanisms to manage user activities. Associated remediation efforts will heighten incident response capabilities and further strengthen your overall security posture.

What is an endpoint?

An endpoint is any equipment that is physically an endpoint on a network. Some of the examples include Laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, IoTs, and virtual environments. A conventional home anti-malware, the smartphone that anti-malware is installed on is the endpoint. 

End Point Protection
pen test
Threat Modelling or Risk Assessment
Payloads Delivery
Command and Control – C2
Privilege Escalation
Lateral Movement
Exfiltration of EndPoint Protection
benefits of pen testing


Ensure the Endpoint Protection security is working in optimum mode.

Discover Zero-Day Vulnerabilities in the EndPoint Security apps and devices.

Be Proactive which is synonymous with the Information Security.

Avoid Insider Threats by ensuring the endpoint is really doing its job.

Ensure there is no Data-Loss for the Data-Loss Prevention Apps.

Ensure the proper encryption algorithms are working as expected.

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