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Red Team

Red Team

A red team is on the offensive part of the game. A red team identifies and exploits vulnerabilities, examining hypotheses, inspecting substitute possibilities for an attack, and revealing the limitations and security risks for your organisation. 

The intention of identifying and assessing vulnerabilities, examining postulates. Inspecting substitute possibilities for the attack, and revealing the limitations and security risks for an organisation. This designated assortment tests the security aspect of your organisation to comprehend how it will prosper against real-time attacks before they occur—because of their performances as the attackers, teaming exercises as red-teaming.

A dedicated Adversarial team hired by the organisation to continuously and thoroughly perform penetration testing.


Years of Experience

RED Team or Adversarial team

Red Team consistently and continuously performs and plans innumerable adversarial attack vectors. Red Teamers analyses the various defences that are put in place in the organisation, testing its ability and weaknesses.

red team
The organisation hired Adversarial team.
purple team
To manage both the Red and Blue Team.
blue team
The organisation hired IT Security team.

benefits of

Red Teaming

Hire Read Team from OMVAPT after implementing the new security strategy. 

You will want to see how it prospers against those of real aggressors. Your red team should then come in and imitate outbreaks of adversaries—without the awareness of your employee base—to perceive the new security hardware and apps.

Whenever an outbreak happens

Whether it is happening to your environment or not, when contemplating or listening of the most significant intrusion, you should know how you would manage if it happened to you–and confidently do so before it arrives in real-time.


As your company continues to grow, and while the threats seem to be quiet, it’s good to test. It is to ensure there are no Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). It provides the confidence of Penetration Testing is faring well. 

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