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Penetration Testing

what is pen test?
Pivoting the found vulnerabilities by exploiting them to identify whether it is a genuine vulnerability (true- positive) or not (false-positive).PenTest simulates like that of an adversary with the intent to remediate and know the attack vectors of the adversaries.
of Pen Test
Penetrate the Perimeter of the Network
to know the secure architecture in the topology.
Analysing the Defense-in-depth of the servers from the
adverserial view.
Secure mobile apps to outsmart experienced adversaries.
Reviewing the Webapp Security by performing WebAppPenTest
to fill the security gaps.
External PenTest
Know the attacker’s intent from the external adversary’s views.
Internal PenTest
Know the attacker’s intent from the insider adversary’s views.
Phases of

Penetration Testing (PT) or Ethical Hacking involves various phases and is very much similar to the military operation. The information collected in one phase will carry forward in another phase.

It is the predatory phase of an attacker seeking to gather the information about a target before propelling an attack. It is the phase where we strategise the attack vectors.
Scanning refers to the pre-attack staging when the critic scans the network of systems for precise information by information gathering during recon. Vulnerability scanners, Network Mappers, so on & so forth.
Gaining Access
It refers to the point where that attacker obtains access to the operating system or applications on the computer or network.
Escalate Privileges
The attacker can elevate privileges to gain excellent command of the system. Password Cracking, Buffer Overflows, Denial of Service (DoS), Session Hijacking so on & so forth.
Maintaining Access
It is when the attacker tries to retain their possession of the system. They may also prevent the system from being owned by other attackers by securing their exclusive access with Backdoors, Rootkits, or Trojans.
Clearing Tracks
The actions conducted by an attacker to hide malicious acts. The attacker's plans entail uninterrupted access to the victim’s system, prevailing ignored & uncaught, erasing proof that might influence to their undertaking. They may even overwrite the server logs to evade.
Aggressive everywhere & uses multiple attack vectors.
Combo of both Red (PenTest) & Blue Team (IT Sec)
IT Security Team to evade the Red Team activities.

attack vectors

Validate Vulnerabilities

Review Security Architecture

Attacker’s Intent

Comply with GDPR norms and other Legal Regulatory and Compliance requirements.

Enhance Brand’s Credibility.

Build Customer’s Trust.

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