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Penetration Testing the Anti Virus

PenTesting The Anti-Virus Software
We are not speaking about the evasion of the Anti-Virus software during the security assessment. Rather, performing Penetration Testing the Anti-Virus software itself and its underlying infrastructure. 

Pen Testing the AV Apps

  1. Software Stack
  2. Web App Stack
  3. Mobile App Stack
  4. APIs
  5. Server Pen Testing
  6. Comprising Infrastructure
Our Strategy and Project Plan
AV Pen Test
Anti-Virus App Pen Test
The underlying tech stack of the app like C, C++ or Assembly language.
Anti-Virus – WAPT
OWASP Top 10
SANS Top 25
Anti-Virus – Mobile Apps Pen Test
OWASP Mobile Top 10
Anti-Virus – API Pen Testing
Anti-Virus Server Pen Test
Perform Pen Test where the AV app is present on the server.
Windows, macOS, UNIX or Linux.
Anti-Virus’s Infrastructure Pen Testing
Network and other Perimeter
CIS Top 20
Storage of AV Definitions (Database)
NAS/SAN Pen Testing
Benefits of Pen Testing


Ensuring the Anti-Virus app secure by solidifying one of the core defence-in-depth strategies.

Mitigating the Buffer Overflows in the system, mobile and other platforms.

Ensuring the Antivirus definitions do not cause any security breaches.

Ensuring the security of the APIs used in the Anti-Virus app.

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