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BlockChain Penetration Testing

what is blockchain?
Blockchain is a kind of data or spreadsheet comprising information about transactions. Each transaction creates a hash. And, each block refers to the previous block and together forming the Blockchain. A Blockchain is effective as it is spread over many systems, each of that have a copy of the Blockchain.
Blockchain technology has transformed the direction we work and live. With its unmatched potential, it has presented us impeccable control over our business transactions, healthcare and infinite other pursuits which earlier needed more privacy and transparency.

What is blockchain penetrate testing?

Penetration Testing accomplishes with a mindset of a probable adversary, by definitely abusing the target weaknesses. The BlockChain Pen Tester simulates the malicious attacker by breaking into the network. The intent is to discover and notify security gaps.

 The penetration tester calculates the time upon the network size and the complexity of its design. 

Size of the Block and Chain
Events at the most elementary level are nothing but of data.The transaction data itself that takes up space. Though questionable, currently individual block contains 1MB of data. Verify the size as mentioned earlier and examine regularly. There is no limit to the size of the chain, and it endures on growing with time. The testers need to test the functionality and the performance of the string to put it supporting check.
Addition of Blocks
After the authentication of every single event, the testers verify the blocks and appends it to the chain. No alteration of the chain is allowed, thus the validation of the blocks before increasing presents it a remarkably critical process.
Data Transmission
Blockchain comprises a peer-to-peer design, which makes it imperative for examiners to verify the encryption and decryption of data and make it faultless. The purpose is to ensure minimal or no data loss.
BlockChain API Testing
API testing is all about managing the analysis of the interaction of the relationship with the blockchain ecosystem. To validate the requests and responses sent by the API and ensure it is formatted moreover performed well.
BlockChain Integration Testing
During the deployment of blockchain testing across various environments and similar systems, integration analysis becomes essential. The examination ensures that various components communicate seamlessly. Test the API to ensure that it aids during the validation phase.
Performance Testing
Performance testing in blockchain plans the inherent bottlenecks and analyses whether the application is active to be advanced to production or not. Test computation for accomplishing the performance is one of the keys ensuring the entire scalability of the blockchain.
Security Testing
Securing the entire object of the blockchain applications to attacks such as viruses and malicious programs. The security testing of blockchain necessitates being notably thorough and responsive. Continuing action is ongoing. The Pen testing process should be competent enough to reveal all potential threats. Effective security testing also helps in improving the company process to revoke defective goods before the user is at risk; this aids in accomplishing Digital Assurance.

We need to know how the blockchain works in your application as it aids in understanding the business logic.  

a. Blockchain Architecture – Analyse the implementation to ensure its capability to preserve confidentiality, integrity and availability throughout the delivery, fulfilling, and storage of data.

b. Compliance Readiness – Ensure the implementation complies the governance requirements such as Legal, Regulatory and compliance requirements. 

c. Readiness Assessment – Exerts an in-depth glimpse of the technological features of the BlockChain application to ensure the most beneficial practices & security.


We perform the hands-on examination of your blockchain to ascertain its readiness level measured against best methods and industry norms. 

  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Blockchain Static and Dynamic Application Testing, including analysis of wallets, databases, GUI, Application/Business logic.
  • BlockChain Integrity Assessment

Each of these attack vectors will be furthermore put into the analysis, ensuring that security controls are in status to recognise, alleviate, and adequately review access.


Functional testing – The testing assesses the trouble scenarios and business synopses. The elements considered by the testers are:

a. Size of the Block and Chain.

b. Addition of Blocks

c. Data Transmission

d. BlockChain API Testing

e. BlockChain Integration Testing

f. Performance Testing

g. Security Analysis

Blockchain pen test
If BlockChain is highly secure then why do crypto bots, crypto mining and crypto currency breaches are happening around the world?
Crypto Currencies are one such popular application of utilising the BlockChain Technology. However, performing penetration testing even to the security-by-design distributed databases is mission critical.

Some of the hallmarks leveraged by the different enterprises across the blockchain ecosystem:

  • Healthcare – Health Records verification and maintenance of Health records, processing of claims
  • Retail – Mitigating transaction frauds, the privacy of customers data
  • Communication – Network access and controls, assurance of e-wallets
  • Media – Anti piracy, payment systems, digital tokens
  • Finance – Cross channel transactions, the security of commercial transactions
  • Ensuring Smart Contracts
  • Robust digital assurance solutions

The self-executing contract between the involved parties written in the lines of code is the Smart Contract. These contracts containing the code and agreement terms are then distributed-computing over the distributed database or decentralised blockchain network. Smart contracts enable trusted transactions amongst the anonymous parties without the attendance of a central judicial system.

  • Helps you discover the kind of attack vectors that could affect your blockchain application
  • Enables you to find out the true-positive vulnerabilities
  • Distinguishes the significant security loopholes of the blockchain that could unleash due to an aggregate of numerous low-severity risks.
  • Recognises the real impact of flourishing adversaries on your industry and overall transactions.
  • It also reveals how excellent the protection of the system is
  • If the order of the network is so natural to gain access, then it exhibits the security solutions that you need to invest in more trustworthy security solutions.
  • Because of the report obtained post penetration testing, your company can make all the critical improvement to make the operations and your business better.
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